What Is A Moisture Sandwich and How It Can Help Your Skin

What Is A Moisture Sandwich and How It Can Help Your Skin

While we couldn’t be more excited to see spring peeking out around the corner, we’re not naive enough to think that the cold, dry winter months are entirely behind us just yet. 

And what comes with cold, dry winter months and environmental changes as we transition between seasons? You guessed it: persistently dry skin. 

Lucky enough, we have a method to share that is optimal for providing your skin with the hydration and moisture it needs and locking in that hydration for good. 

Introducing the concept of a “Moisture Sandwich”. We’re here to bring you up to speed on how it works and share the products we recommend if you’re ready to try it out yourself. 

What is a Moisture Sandwich? 

Creating a “moisture sandwich” is a process of intentionally layering products onto damp skin in a way that provides and retains moisture, thus preventing transepidermal water loss. You’ll start by dampening your skin, followed by layering a humectant-based product, and finally sealing it in with an occlusive product. Building upon a base of lighter, more watery products with thicker products traps water into the skin for longer, leaving you with hydrated and radiant skin. 

Humectants - Humectants act like sponges, drawing water and moisturizers into the skin. These products are typically light and easily absorbed into the skin. (Think hyaluronic acid, hydrosols or aloe vera) 

Occlusives - Occlusives prevent the skin from losing moisture by forming a protective film over the epidermis and creating a barrier from the surrounding environment. While they don’t increase moisture levels, their thick, heavy consistency prevents moisture from draining. (Think petroleum jelly or waxes) 

What You’ll Need: 

Emogene & Co. has all the products you’ll need to create your very own (natural ingredient-focused) moisture sandwich. 

Step 1: Start by applying a hydrating serum, such as our Prime Serum or Glow Vitamin C Serum

Step 2: Layer with a facial oil such as the Repair Facial Oil or Revitalize Facial Oil

Step 3: Lock in the moisture with an occlusive product such as The Healer Balm

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