I have worked in the skincare industry for 15 years and feel like I have tried it all. I'm very selective on ingredients and have a good knowledge of what they do after selling products for this long, but your serums are a game changer! They actually do what they say they are going to do! I've only been using them for less than a week, but my skin looks more alive again, like I've been nourishing a plant with plant food! Thank you for bringing back my bright complexion!

- Jennifer K.

I cannot believe how much my rosacea has lessened since starting your Prime serum. My sister noticed the difference in a week! First thing to give me hope in years! Thank you!

- Ellen C.

I picked up the Remedy Body Oil last week and I'm obsessed. It's far better than any lotion I've ever used. This body oil is life!

- Hilary H.

I was face timing with my husband last night and he said "your face looks so smooth!" I've been using your Revitalize Facial Oil twice daily and Glow Vitamin C Serum daily. For him to notice change is a BIG deal! Thank you for creating such amazing products!

- Jen M.

Just removed my makeup with your Fortiphy Cleansing Balm then followed with your Ritual Foaming Milk Cleanser and holy moly..the bomb! My face has never felt so clean!

- Sarah P.

I've used so many cleansers that claim to be gentle enough for sensitive skin, but they all ended up irritating it. I would hunt for the right moisturizer to sooth, but I just ended up oily. Then I tried your double cleansing set (cleansing balm and milk cleanser) and followed with the Prime serum and I have never been happier! My skin is calm and bright and clean! So when I say I love Emogene & Co., I sincerely mean it! Please never stop making new things! You are my hero!

-Erin D.


My husband went to Afghanistan and came back with a nasty rash that has never gone away in 5 years. He's visited 2 dermatologists  and started numerous topical steroids. The rash has never gone away. He used The Healer Balm for 4 days and the rash is COMPLETELY GONE. This stuff is magic! Lifelong customer for sure!

-Amanda T.


The Healer balm has literally helped my sunburn overnight. I have no peeling and the redness is so much less painful and inflamed. Thank you for this!

-Courtney M.

Loving my skin for the first time in years. I've tried so many Vitamin C serums, I've lost count but yours in truly top of the game. The fact that I can mix it myself to keep it shelf stable and you are able to use pure vitamin c rather than synthetic is amazing. I feel like my own little chemist!

- Jennifer A.

I have struggled with bumps on the back on my thighs and upper arms. After having babies, it worsened drastically. I started using your Awaken Body Polish three times a week on those areas and I am completely smooth! How? I can't stop touching my legs! I'm certain my cellulite is smoother, and my legs feel like they did when I was a teenager. Please never stop using it because I'm never going to stop using it! -Claire P.

I am so obsessed with your Repair facial oil that I have started using it three times a day (yes I carry it in my purse) and even make my husband use it. My oil production is completely regulated and my acne is clear for the first time in years. This facial oil is magic, I'm sure of it!

- Amy A.

The Repair oil is legit! I had my typical breakout of 3-4 zits starting and I included the oil in my morning and nighttime routine with your other products and BAM! They are gone in 36 hours! Incredible!

- Karla M.

After just one week of your Revitalize Facial Oil and your Glow Vitamin C serum, my skin looks and feels amazing. It has never felt so clean and is literally glowing! I can't wait to try more of your products!

- Ashley J.


I am OBSESSED with these two new products! I used the Local Detox Facial Mask last night and my skin looked like I spent the whole day at a spa getting a facial! My pores were microscopic! So incredible!

- Paige B.

I am thrilled with everything Every bit of it! The Local Detox Mask and the Enzyme Resurfacing Mask are weekly for me...I don't miss a treatment! And your Revitalize Facial Oil and Glow Vitamin C Serum and incredible. Amazing work! I am so impressed!

- Rebecca B.


OMG this Enzyme Resurfacing Mask and the Revitalize Facial Oil are LIFE! I already feel a difference in a week!

- Shelby M.