Our Local Detox Charcoal Cleansing Bar is made from scratch and cured over 6 weeks to result in a gentle, non-chemically processed cleansing bar ideal for oilier or acne-prone skin types.


Formulated with activated charcoal, nourishing plant-based oils and finished with tea tree oil, Local Detox Cleansing Bar helps in detoxifying and absorbing impurities from the skin while pulling unwanted excess oils and dirt from the skin’s surface to provide a smoother, brighter complexion.


Perfect for use on face and/or body.

Local Detox Cleansing Bar

  • Wet skin and bar, rubbing bar on desired area of the body. Lather suds for a few moments before washing off with warm water. Store bar on a rack or a draining soap dish to extend the life of your soap.