A multi-correctional formula that helps to revitalize, nourish, and firm the delicate skin around the eye. With 29 high performance ingredients to hydrate and correct fine lines while aiding in depuffing and firming the skin around the eyes, Refine eye serum is a staple in your everyday skincare routine, and can be applied for an extra dose of hydration on upper and lower lids, as well as on the entire facial area.


Ingredients include:

Kakadu plum extract, Licorice root extract, Arabian jasmine, Hawthorne extract and Bearberry leaf help brighten dark circles


Bakuchiol and Moth bean extract, botanical alternatives to retinol, help smooth and firm for improved skin texture by boosting cellular renewal


Peptides derived from pea, soy and rice proteins improve skin firmness while reducing inflammation and UV damage


Caffeine and Green tea extract provides antioxidant protection against environmental stressors while drastically reducing the appearance of puffiness for a well-rested look


Centella Asiatica (Gotu kola) aids in increasing collagen synthesis and firming delicate skin around the eye


(*NOTE: While this serum works to visibly reduce the appearance of dark circles and under eye puffiness, it should also be accompanied by a healthy lifestyle. Inadequate sleep, frequent alcohol consumption and dehydration are all common reasons for darkness and puffiness around the eye area.)

Refine Eye Serum

  • Lightly apply the desired amount with ring fingertip around the entire eye area - upper and lower lids. Suitable to use on entire facial/neck area if desired. Use AM & PM.

    * Ingredients may naturally settle at bottom of jar

    * This product is not soy-free or gluten-free. We recommend first applying this product on a small area of skin ( slide of the neck or inner arm) before applying to face to test for any sensitivities.