Often times when we over-wash our skin and do not moisturize thoroughly, it overcompensates by producing more sebum leading to oilier skin and clogged pores.


Emogene & Co. facial oils are made with all natural plant oils that thoroughly hydrate your skin without clogging pores so that it can stop producing excess oil and find the balance it needs. Oily skin needs moisture too and is often dehydrated, leading to dry patches and the overcompensation of oil and sebum.


Our Repair Facial Oil, formulated with non-comedogenic oils including Tamanu, Manuka, and Blue Tansy, all chosen specifically for their anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.


Created for combination, oily, and blemish-prone skin types (or any skin in need of balancing hydration), Repair Facial Oil targets skin concerns including blemishes, inflammation and irritation, large pores, and uneven skin texture while reducing inflammation and restoring the skins natural lipid barrier to create balanced hydration in naturally oily, troubled and breakout- prone skin types.


Size 1 oz

Repair Facial Oil

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  • Apply 4-6 drops onto fingertips, rub together lightly and gently press oil onto clean face, neck and décolletage. Repeat as necessary. Can be used morning or night as a final step in your skin care routine to seal in moisture.

    For external use only.

    Store in a cool, dry place to retain nutritive properties.

    Shelf life: 12 months from date of open