Allyson's Favorite Tinted SPF's

Allyson's Favorite Tinted SPF's

 With the summer season just around the corner, it's crucial to emphasize the significance of SPF (Sun Protection Factor) in our skincare routine. As the sun's rays intensify, protecting our skin becomes paramount. Not only does using an SPF daily protect our skin against damage from the sun, it also protects the invest we've made in our skin when used as the final step to our skincare routine.

Below are my two personal favorite SPF's - they're both tinted, and great for everyday wear either on their own, or as a base for your makeup!

1. Revision Intellishade

2. Dermablend Continuous Correction Evening CC Cream Foundation SPF 50+

In addition to SPF, I recommend adding the following products to your daily routine for extra protection:

1. Glow Vitamin C Serum - vitamin c can boost your sunscreens ability to protect your skin!

2. Revitalize Facial Oil - contains red raspberry seed oil, which is a natural UVA and UVB protectant.

To learn more about the importance of SPF and selecting the right one for you, check out our SPF 101 blog post!

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