Formulated to heal and nourish.

A natural solution for scars, our Signature Scar Salve facilitates healing while reducing the appearance of scars, improving skin’s texture for a smoother appearance, and promoting healthy skin and favorable scar tissue with consistent use.

Our Signature Scar Salve combines natural botanical extracts rich in antioxidants with non-nano zinc oxide providing SPF 32 for broad spectrum sun protection. It's free of GMOs, soy and gluten, and is never tested on animals. 

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“When I was a little girl, my grandmother, Emogene, used to make her own wound healing remedy. It was bright red, had a heavy texture, and smelled like band-aids. It healed everything it touched. I wanted to create something similar using only botanicals with medicinal properties that actually worked all while focusing on the importance of sun protection in scar healing.” - Dr. Allyson Brennan, Founder & Formulator

Scar Transformations

We've already seen incredible results from individuals with post surgical, injury, facial and body scars who have used our scar salve on their wound. Nothing makes us happier than seeing how this salve has helped transform their skin and boost their confidence!

  • Results after 14 months + 9 surgeries.

  • Results after 7 weeks.

  • Results after 6 weeks.

  • Results after 8 weeks.

  • Results after 12 weeks.

  • Results after 12 weeks.

  • Results after 16 weeks.

  • Results after 4 weeks.

  • Results after 12 weeks.

    Hand surgery scar.

  • Results after two weeks.

  • Results after 12 weeks.

  • Results after two weeks.

    35-year-old hand scar from a burn.

  • Results after 12 weeks.

    Throat surgery scar.

  • Results after 11 days.

    Applied twice a day on a burn scar.

An Incredible Healing Journey With Kam Elliot

We were so honored to partner with Kam Elliot, known online as @farmerdolls, to help her along her healing journey, and let her be one of the firsts to test the much anticipated Emogene’s Signature Scar Salve on her surgical scars post melanoma surgery.

Watch as Kam shares her journey with us, as well as her love for the scar salve, which has been instrumental in her skin healing journey.

The Scar Salve Story

I started developing this scar salve after aquiring a big facial scar of my own from a fall down the stairs. I worked tirelessly in my kitchen perfecting it, and before long I was whipping up batches for my friends. Scars are one of the biggest skin concerns I hear from customers, and I'm beyond excited to finally be able to share this product with you.

xx, Allyson

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Allyson & her grandma, Emogene.