How To Detox Your Armpits (& Why You Should!)

How To Detox Your Armpits (& Why You Should!)

Did you know that there are lymph nodes behind your armpits?

There sure are - and if you’re using a traditional antiperspirant deodorant, it probably contains aluminum, which can clog those lymph nodes, and your pores!

Aluminum is used in antiperspirants because it causes our pores to swell, which prevents them from releasing sweat. Antiperspirants only have to reduce our sweating by 20% to be considered effective, so while using them may feel like a good short-term solution to pit stains, they aren't going to completely rid you of pit sweat, and they can cause long-term problems for you and your skin. Our body uses all of our sweat glands to cleanse toxins from our system, and when we try to prevent that by using things like antiperspirant, our bodies just overcorrect by sweating more in other places. (our face included!)

So what do we do instead? Opt for an aluminum-free deodorant, like this one I love, and detox our pits to help them breathe again!

Using our Local Detox Mask, you can detox your armpits to help remove any built up residue from previously used deodorants.

Simply, mix the mask per the instructions, and apply to your pits and let dry, and then remove with warm water. You can do this 1-2 times weekly!

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