How to Use Our Signature Scar Salve

How to Use Our Signature Scar Salve

Welcome to our tutorial on how best to use our Signature Scar Salve

A natural solution for scars, our Signature Scar Salve facilitates healing while reducing the appearance of scars. Our formula improves the skin's texture for a smoother appearance and promotes health and favorable scar tissue with consistent use. 

Our Signature Scar Salve combines natural botanical extracts rich in antioxidants with non-nano zinc oxide providing SPF 32 for broad spectrum sun protection. It's free of GMOs, soy and gluten, and is never tested on animals. 

**This is a harder textured product due to the zinc oxide, which is the most important ingredient to prevent hyperpigmentation of a scar. 

Simply press the salve firmly, then rub vigorously to turn into a cream. Apply to moderate/severe scares twice daily for at least 6 weeks for the ultimate healing benefits.

TIP: if you experience a grainy consistency, this is normal! Simply continue to rub into the affected area until absorbed. 

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