Refresh & Refine Eye Serum Challenge Results & Resources

Refresh & Refine Eye Serum Challenge Results & Resources

Recently, we welcomed so many of our customers to join us in an #emogene21day Refine & Refresh Eye Serum Challenge. This challenge included twice daily application of our customer favorite Refine Eye Serum, regular facial rolling using a facial roller, and application of reusable silicone under eye patches after serum application.

The results were unbelievable for minimizing fine lines & wrinkles, depuffing and hydrating the fragile under eye area. Following the completion of the challenge, we had a plethora of messages and emails asking for the secrets to this amazing challenge, mainly to discuss why we chose to incorporate the reusable under eye silicone patches. 

Let's discuss below!

How do silicone patches work?

Silicone gel sheeting was first used in 1981 for the treatment of scarring for burns at an Australian children's hospital and has since been used widely in wound repair. A quick stop into the drugstore or search on Amazon yields a range of products (with very good reviews!!) offering silicone in different forms for scar treatment. Studies have shown that silicone gel sheeting decreases the evaporation of water from the skin and increases hydration of the stratum corneum. Silicone gel does this in a few different ways:

1. Occlusion- Occlusives essentially prevent the skin from losing moisture by forming a protective film over the epidermis. Silicone patches work like 'occlusives on steroids' as they're able to attract the water up to the top dermal layers (a bit like hyaluronic acid), then block that hydration in that layer so that it can plump consistently while the silicone is applied.

2.Compression- Silicone patches create a slight suction/compression when they're applied over the skin. This process enhances blood flow thus increasing nutrients and downstream collagen production.
Check out a few before & after pictures from our customers below, and grab your own Rose Quartz Facial Roller & Refine Eye Serum Set (complete with complementary reusable silicone under eye patches) by clicking the link below as well!

If you'd like to try the challenge at home, here are a few resources to get you started:

1. Instagram Live with Dr. Allyson Brennan & Andrea Turner, licensed esthetician and gua sha expert discussing the benefits of the challenge and best practices.

2. A walk-through of how to do our recommended routine.

3. An example of our routine.

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