Imagine this

“You just got back from your third gorgeous 7 mile hike of the week. Surrounded by coral blue Mediterranean water and expansive Spanish landscapes, this hike was one for the books.

You look at the time and can’t believe it’s not even 10 AM yet!

You feel a combination of accomplished, energized, and excited for what the rest of the day has to bring.

You shower and head downstairs to meet up with an amazing group of humans you just met this week who - even though you’re from different cities with different lifestyles and different background stories - are starting to feel like family.

They share your same love of movement and a deep desire to learn how to nourish your body, mind, and spirit from the inside out. 

While you’ve always been a bit of a health nut, what you’re experiencing on retreat this week is a different kind of nourishment - the kind of nourishment that radiates out of your skin and feeds your body, mind, and soul on a completely new level.

As you sit down at the dining table, you’re greeted with a pretty little Spanish terracotta bowl filled with a natural organic skincare mask, and the most gorgeous salad you’ve ever seen in your life.

You take a deep breath out, relaxing into your chair, feeling supported, seen, and excited to learn how to truly nourish yourself.

With each day that passes, you feel more of your most vibrant, best self starting to radiate from the inside out.

Doesn’t this sound incredible?

Imagine how you’ll return back to your life after a week on the coast of Spain - moving your body daily and adventuring with new friends, all while relaxing and learning how to care for yourself in completely new ways.

We’re April Bullock and Dr. Allyson Brennan.

We’re beyond excited to invite you to be a part of our exciting holistic Mediterranean retreat September 30- October 5, 2024 in Mallorca, Spain. From our combined 38 years practicing in the health and holistic wellness spaces as a Nurse Practitioner and Clinical Pharmacist, we know that achieving radiant health is more than skin deep.

That’s why we’re gathering a group of active women who love to hike, move their bodies daily, and want to learn how to revolutionize their health from the inside out.

During this 6 day 5 night retreat, we will focus on the foundations of creating radiant health from the inside out. You will learn how to properly nourish and fuel your body and treat your skin using holistic, organic skincare products that are right for your skin type all while having fun among like minded, like hearted friends.

  • You’ll walk away from this 6 day European getaway understanding:

    • How to listen to your body in new ways and understand the signs and signals your body is giving you
    • How to properly nourish and fuel your body to experience increased energy in your day to day, especially for those who are highly active
    • How to care for your skin using natural organic products
    • Feeling relaxed, refreshed, and at ease in your body, mind, and spirit
  • This retreat is a combination of:

    • Daily Hiking and Movement- There will be three 10-mile hikes (weather permitting) and daily yoga
    • Learning- Classes and workshops on how to create optimal health, radiant skin, and properly supplement your body
    • Live demos- Learn how to treat your skin through live demonstrations and how to cook delicious, nourishing meals that will improve your health
    • Relaxation & Play- We’ll go to the beach, go on an incredible boat ride along the mediterranean, LAUGH and have fun
  • This retreat is for...

    • Those who are highly active and love hiking, movement, and have a desire to learn how to care for yourself in new ways
    • You care about and prioritize your health and want to spend the week opening your mind and learning how to optimize your health and well-being
    • You want an approach to health and skincare that targets internal health as well as using high quality natural organic skincare 
    • You are health conscious and want to learn on this retreat
    • You are looking for a retreat experience that is highly active, with lots of scheduled activities as well as time for relaxation and exploration of a new city
    • Intermediate to advanced hikers who want to participate in 3-5 hikes during the week that are 3-10 miles in length

This retreat is NOT for...

Beginner hikers

Those who are not interested in hiking and moving multiple times per day

The Details

This retreat is a 6 day 5 night retreat in Soller in Mallorca, Spain from Monday, September 30, 2024- Sunday, October 6, 2024.

Secure Your Spot

Meet Your Hosts

  • April Bullock, NP

    April Bullock founded the Family Health & Wellness Clinic in 2018. After nearly 20 years of serving the Austin community as a midwife, April identified the need for a truly holistic family practice to serve her midwifery clients as their families grew. With a commitment to lifelong learning and continued growth of health care knowledge, she returned to the university for her second and third degrees as a Registered Nurse then Family Nurse Practitioner. Additionally, April holds a BA in Spanish from UT Austin, is a 500 hour vinyasa yoga teacher, co-founder of Women’s Wisdom Retreats, and an intuitive, holistic cook. 

    With decades of using homeopathy and herbal medicine in women’s health care, April is skilled at integrating western medicine & pharmaceuticals into health & wellness plans.

  • Dr. Allyson Brennan, PharmD

    Dr. Allyson Brennan, a clinical pharmacist with 17 years’ experience in Neurology, is the head chemist and founder of Emogene & Co. skincare. She received a Bachelor's of Science degree in Psychology with a minor in Chemistry/Biology from Millsaps College and received her Bachelor's of Science in Pharmaceutical Sciences and Pharm.D. from The University of Mississippi.

    Emogene & Co. focuses on effective pharmacist-formulated skin care using naturally derived ingredients to bridge the gap between science and nature. Dr. Brennan provides customer education about effective ingredient selection while leading her all-female team to produce high-quality skin care with no outsourcing, from formulation to fulfillment/shipment.

    In her spare time, Dr. Brennan enjoys high altitude mountain climbing and has summited Mt. Kilimanjaro, Mt. Baker, Mt. Rainier and is currently training for Mt. Aconcagua.

Early Bird Pricing

(if paid in full by 4/15/2024)

Primary suite (1 occupant)- $3499 (Regular price: $3600)

This can accommodate 2 people who are comfortable sharing a queen size bed. 

Pricing per person is $3100/person if 2 people are occupying this suite. 

Please contact hosts to make these arrangements. 

Double occupancy - $2999 (Regular price: $3150)

Cost includes the following...

  • 2 nourishing, healthy meals on site per day 
  • Skin care consult with Dr. Allyson
  • Daily topical skin care applications using Emogene and Co natural skincare products
  • Daily yoga practice facilitated on site by April
  • Book club
  • 4 hikes (5-10 miles in length)
  • Beach activities at the local picturesque beaches of Sóller
  • Healing workshops with tangible tools to integrate into your daily routine upon returning home
  • Live cooking demos where you’ll learn how to create healthy, nourishing meals for yourself
  • Connection and inspiration with new like-minded, like-hearted friends

About Sóller

The authentic town of Sóller sits in the heart of the ‘valley of oranges’ or ‘valley of gold’ as it is sometimes known, and offers much to visitors and residents. Find out all you need to know about spending time in this Modernist town.

The town of Sóller in the northwest of Mallorca became wealthy because of the valley’s abundant citrus groves. In the 19th century, when the area was isolated from the rest of Mallorca by mountains, the oranges were shipped to France from the nearby west coast Port de Sóller. Many locals went to work in France and returned – their fortunes duly made – to build some of the handsome Modernista properties that grace this town today.

Join us for a life changing experience on the Mediterranean coast!

After a week of movement, learning, exploration, and laughter, you will love…

✔️ How your skin looks

✔️ How your body feels

✔️ The new relationship you cultivated with your body

✔️ The new friendships and memories you’ve made

When we come together with other like-minded, like-hearted people, healing is inevitable. 

Join us on this life changing trip where you’ll make new friends, experience new and you’ll leave with the foundations you need to experience radiant, vibrant, health from the inside out.