Everything I Do 3 Days Before An Event To Prep My Skin

Everything I Do 3 Days Before An Event To Prep My Skin

Getting ready for a big event and want your skin to look and feel its best? I've got you! Here's a list of everything I do in the three days before any event to get my face and body feeling refreshed, hydrated & glowy!

Three days before:

  1. Dry Brushing - this helps exfoliate and smooth the skin. Do this before you shower, and then while your skin is still damp following your shower, apply Remedy Body Oil to lock in moisture! 
  2. Body Gua Sha - this helps with lymphatic drainage to reduce puffiness and minimize the appearance of cellulite and fine lines.
  3. Nashville Date Night Pads - these provide deep exfoliation that makes your skin look like glass!
  4. Prime Niacinamide Serum - d oubles as a hydrating layer and antioxidant protection serum to leave your skin looking smooth and flawless.
  5. Restore Intensive Night Cream - c alms and nourishes your skin barrier while providing powerful, long-term hydration. 
  6. Refine Eye Serum helps to revitalize, nourish, and firm the delicate skin around the eye to minimize fine lines + reduce puffiness.
  7. Facial Oil - this provides an additional layer of hydration + nutrients to your skin and helps lock in all of your previous layers! If you don't know which facial oil is best for you, take our free quiz here!
  8. The Healer All-Purpose Balm - this is the final step to help protect and restore your skin's barrier + keep your skin feeling hydrated. I apply it to my face, neck and the back of my hands.

Two days before:

  1. Self Tanning Bronzer - I use this to contour my face by applying it to my face where I would bronzer, and then washing it off after one hour! 
  2. Local Detox Facial Mask - this pulls out all of the impurities in your face for a deep detox! I recommend using our face mask brush for smooth application.

One day before:

  1. Resurfacing Enzyme Face Mask - this provides gentle exfoliation for one final purifying step before your big event!
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