The Only Products You Need For Your Skin: Basic, Advanced and Premium Skincare Routines

The Only Products You Need For Your Skin: Basic, Advanced and Premium Skincare Routines

A frequent question I get asked is "what products do I really need for my skin?", and with so many products on the market, I get that choosing the right ones can feel overwhelming without some direction. So, I've put together a list for you depending on if you're looking for a basic, advanced or premium routine for yourself!

Click each product to learn more about it and how it works!


1. Double Cleanse: this is the foundation for any skincare routine that will cleanse your pores of oil, dirt, makeup, etc. and allow for better absorption of your products.

2. Moisturize:

For oily / acne-prone skin, use Repair Facial Oil.

For normal skin, use Revitalize Facial Oil.

For dry / mature skin, use Recovery Facial Oil.

Restore Intensive Night Cream is another great option for extra hydration for normal to dry skin and it can be used AM and PM. 

Keep an eye on our page for our newest hydrating serum launching in July! This product is the perfect lightweight hydrating serum for oily/acne skin types, but can also be a wonderful additive hydrating layer for all other skin types.

3. Sunscreen: No matter your skin type, the time of year, etc. SPF is essential for keeping your skin healthy! Here are our recommendations for products, as well as more information on the importance of SPF. 

More Advanced Regimen: 

1. Everything in Basic including double cleanse, moisturizer, and SPF

2. Antioxidant serum: We recommend Glow Vitamin C Serum for powerful antioxidant protection for a more youthful and brighter complexion. If you are sensitive to vitamin c, our Prime Niacinamide Serum is another great hydrating and healing option! (This step goes between your cleanser and moisturizer!)

Premium Full Top to Bottom Regimen:

1. Double Cleanse (info above)

2. Antioxidant serum (info above)

3. Eye serum- we recommend our Refine Eye Serum, made with high-performance ingredients to hydrate, minimize fine lines, aid in depuffing and firming the skin around the eyes. If you're looking for an extra brightening boost, check out our Eye Brightening Trio hack!

4. Retinol- we recommend Nashville Skin Retinol OR Differin Gel (available OTC for acne prone skin). Use either product conservatively every 2-3 days for several weeks until you have built up a tolerance to move to every day application. 

5. Moisturizer (info above)

6. Sunscreen (info above)

Products to Add For Extra Boost:

1. Exfoliation - depending on the type of exfoliant, we recommend exfoliating 1-3 times per week. If using an enzyme exfoliator like our Resurfacing Enzyme Mask, use up to 3x weekly. If using a chemical exfoliant like Nashville Skin's Date Night Pads, use only once a week. 

2. Weekly Detox: if your skin is acne prone, oily or normal, we recommend using our Local Detox Mask all over your face or as a spot treatment once a week to deeply detox your pores! 

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